Mosquitron in Macau

Are mosquitos the reason you can’t enjoy a beautiful evening outside? Have you tried all kinds of different insect repellents on the market, and they all failed you? Enough of disappointments! Order Mosquitron now and enjoy FREE SHIPPING within Macau!

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Nowadays, everyone cares about their health. Many are moving towards healthy, chemical-free lifestyle. Yet, there was no way to get rid of mosquitoes without using chemicals—and most did not know what was inside these repellents. Could repellents pose a threat to one’s health? There were no answers to these questions, just like there was no alternative.  Chemicals were the only way to get rid of insects. Until now!

This is why Mosquitron is revolutionary—it does not disseminate any chemicals which may cause harm—a perfect solution for everyone who loves both modern design and non-toxic environment. From the first sight, this gadget does not look like an insect killer at all—innovative, modern design hides its purpose. It is also a great environment-friendly alternative to expensive and harmful sprays—there is no need to poison the environment and yourself anymore!


Do you know that ultraviolet light is commonly used in quarantine labs to keep potentially dangerous insects from escaping into the environment? Studies have shown that blue UV light lures insects by its light. This is because it imitates a small amount of the UV light which some flowers reflect, so insects mistake the light source for a food source. That’s how Mosquitron works—it uses a powerful fan and a blue UV light to lure mosquitoes, flies and moths inside only to discover when it’s too late that it is a death sentence to them. A death sentence, which does not cause any harm to neither flora nor fauna by disseminating chemicals around. Completely harmless for surroundings, yet fatal for annoying insects.


Imagine relaxing with your family outside, enjoying nice weather, maybe reading a book or playing board games. What a wonderfully spent time—yet, one issue occurs. You are swarmed by mosquitos.

Usually, people would blame themselves for not having repellent in a pocket or, if they had one, they would spray the repellent into clean air, that way releasing a toxic chemical called DEET into the environment. This chemical was proved to be harmful to humans, and especially to pets. It means that by trying to avoid bites, a person poisons family, friends, kids and their pets and everything around. But everything changes with eco-friendly Mosquitron!

Mosquitron lures insects in by using UV light technology, then—making sure that no insect will escape from it—zaps them with phototaxis wavelengths. This anti-mosquito gadget only requires power from plug outlet, computer, power bank or any other device via USB port. Therefore, there is no need to worry about batteries. After plugging the device into a port, relax, and let it do the rest. It’s that simple!

It’s portable, clean, fast and reliable! No more chemicals or mess! Using this device, you will enjoy warmth outside without worrying about being bitten!


  • 360-Degree UV Light Technology
  • Compact and Portable—Take It Everywhere You Go!
  • Plugs into Any USB-Device, Including Phones
  • Easy to Clean
  • Can be Used Anywhere
  • Easy to Set Up and Use
  • 100% Non-Toxic!


Created to help you to finally get rid of that annoying insects, Mosquitron features a special advanced technology that is completely safe to use and allows you to get rid of unwanted bites.

When plugged in, Mosquitron starts to act immediately. It is not like any other deterrent. For example, scented candles shooed mosquitos away for only 19 minutes, while Mosquitron killed caught more than 30 insects in less than 10 minutes.

So just order Mosquitron now, then wait for its delivery, plug it in via USB port and enjoy mosquitoes-free life!


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